Chamu is on a Straight Course to Become a Researcher

“I am fulfilling my dreams, Chamu says”.

Before selecting the University of Borås in Sweden for her master studies Chamu asked around a lot among friends. She got advice to select this university with its unique research area in resource recovery. Oh, yes, she did consider applying to larger universities in Sweden, like Chalmers Technical University or KTH, but in the end she fell for the specializations here at the University of Borås. And once here she became overwhelmed.
“I felt that what I had heard was true about the labs and the excellent equipment, the lectures, the helpful teachers. I learned a lot about the exams, the question papers and the concept oriented education. The first study year really had very good courses. We learned how to plan lab work, plan protocols, time scheduling and things like that. This is very useful to know if you once get a job as a researcher”.

Already as a small child Chamu loved to read books and magazines about science and about what is going on in the world and watch the Discovery Channel. This interest kept growing. She decided that she wanted to be a researcher. She kept a straight course to the bachelor studies in biotechnology at the university in her hometown Bangalore in India.

When Chamu just had completed the bachelor studies she got married. In India this means that a woman is expected to give up studies and career.
“I am lucky, because my husband, in laws and my family has supported me all along”.

Her next aim after the master studies is to get a PhD position and do research on molecular biotechnology.

“This research area is really fascinating. It deals with manipulating and controlling yeast for e.g. ethanol production. If you can control yeast you can be really successful”, says Chamu.

Chamu is fully focused on the studies. A normal day she spends 10-12 hours at the university, either on lectures, in the lab or in the computer hall searching for even more knowledge. She is literally immersed in science.

“ I rather stay here at the university than with a laptop in a room on my own. Here you have good ambience to study and also access to computers, even in late hours. And, as a matter of fact, I focus better here”.


Name: Chamundeshwari  Jakkamsetty
Age: 24
From: Bangalore, India
Previous studies: Bachelors of engineering – biotechnology in Bangalore, India.
When she do not study: Absorbing knowledge about science and trends in science at the internet, gym and yoga, communicate with her husband and family and a part time job in the weekends (tough to get though, as many employers expect you to speak Swedish).

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