Free coffee for a good cause!

The University of Borås invites students and staff for a joint coffee break between 09:45 and 10:30 outside the library on October 19. Participating in the Fairtrade Challenge is a way to highlight the university's commitment to fair trade and sustainable development. 

Birgitta Påhlsson, coordinator of sustainable development at the University, says there are several reasons to buy Fairtrade certified products.

– It is important for us as consumers to make sure that the products we buy are produced under fair working conditions. Fair trade also promotes environmental and organic farming, says Birgitta Påhlsson.

Birgitta Påhlsson also tells us that the University interacts with the City of Borås regarding issues that include ethical procurement.

– At the University, we buy Fairtrade certified and organic coffee and tea according to principal decision. The decision has come as part of the work on sustainable development, says Birgitta Påhlsson.

Have a coffee, hang out and test your ecological footprint!