Fashion talents make room in London

When the lights go out after the last of the audience has left Freemason Hall, in the vicinity of Covent Garden, London, the students aren’t the only ones to enjoy an exhibition well performed. Now, everything is to be packed up and sent back home.

- I’ve felt like I was in a bubble all day, says Josefin Strid while packing her collection in a suitcase with a practiced hand.

The third exhibition

This is not the first time she has exhibited at a fashion week. For one, this is the third time the graduation collections are exhibited – first in Borås and then in Stockholm. In addition, Josefin Strid has exhibited her own brand, JosefinStrid, twice.

- As a matter of fact, I was very composed today. It may be because I am jet lagged, since I came here straight from New York or perhaps because we have done this before. The dress rehearsal wasn’t all that important today, she says.

Sofi Svensson, packing up her collection in the corridor beside her, comments:

- You were a lot calmer today than in Stockholm. I on the other hand thought it was a lot more stressful here. There were so many people backstage.

From Borås to London

Josefin Strid is pleased about tonight’s exhibition and considers an audience of almost 200 to exceed her expectations.

- I hope the result will be someone landing a job or making useful contacts. Either way, it is good to be where it is all going down, both for us and the Swedish School of Textiles. In a few years, our exhibition may be “hyped” enough to attract really large audiences, she muses.

Back to the Master’s Degree

All of a sudden, the clothing rack is empty and the suitcase containing Josefin Strid’s men’s collection stands next to her. Food is the next item on the list and perhaps a little celebration together with her former classmates. In a few days, she will return to Borås and continue her Master’s Degree studies in Fashion Design, running her own brand on the side.

- I will stay on for a couple of days and meet a few possible retailers for my products. When I return home, it will be time for school again and also time to start work on the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection.


The exhibition review at the English fashion site reads: ”The BA and MA graduates of The Swedish School of Textiles showcased designs so diverse that th e runway increasingly resembled a history of fashion inspiration with an encyclopedic array of textures, fabrics and experimental craftsmanship”. View the article







Isabella Falkirk, Per Axén, Freja Sundberg







Stina Eklund, Maline Nordin, Mari Miltvedt







Sofi Svensson, Linda Larsson, Maja Dixdotter







Elin Engström, Josefin Strid, Clara Flygare







Anna Forsman, Ida Klamborn, Anna Lidström







Laura Clausen, Salisa Phuwanawijak, Sarah Torkelsson