The King and Queen on a garbage visit

The royal couple arrive at SP.

The royal visit to Borås began on the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP). There, the project Waste Recovery was presented by the various parties; University of Borås, the City of Borås, SP and Borås Energy & Environment.

The royal couple and their company traveled to Sobacken by a biogas bus.

– I had a very fruitful discussion with the Queen, concerning international collaboration. She talked about her experiences from China and the importance of early integration of environmental work in companies. We also talked about Brazil and Waste Recovery’s future cooperation there, says Hans Björk after the party arrived to their second stop, at Sobacken.












At Sobacken recycle area. To the Queens right is professor Mohammad Taherzadeh one of the people behind the Waste Recovery project.

Björn Brorström, Rector of the University of Borås, also got a positive view of the king and queen's interest in environmental issues.
– The King was very precipitous of grading work and how different behaviours are affected by, for instance, generational differences, says Björn Brorström.











Stort pressuppbåd när kungen och drottningen guidas runt på Sobacken.

Bertil Ternert is Chief Information Officer at court. According to him, the royal court gets thousands of inquiries and invitations to consider every year.
– The Waste Recovery Project is something that interests the king, and Borås, with its recycling work, is a model for other municipalities.
After their visit to Sobacken, the royal couple had lunch with invited guests at Sinnenas hus and then went on a sculpture tour through the city.