Lady Gaga in Ironic Fur from the Swedish School of Textiles

The day before at the acclaimed exhibition in Stockholm, as soon as the models had left the catwalk, Lady Gaga’s stylist came up to Daniel Bendzovski and asked if she could borrow some of the garments.

"So she borrowed a few and I went home to Borås. Then she called me and said that Lady Gaga wanted to see more of my work, so I just had to get into the car and drive back with the rest of my collection".

Daniel came to the hotel in the last minute and a few hours the superstar made her entrance before her fans dressed up in Daniel’s furry outfit, a pink and black jacket and a white furry skirt.

"Everything seemed very spontaneous. Apparently, she had tried on a few of my garments, looked up the rest on the Internet and wanted more".

Daniel never got to meet Lady Gaga, only her manager, as the superstar was sleeping when he arrived.

"After this, it feels like everything can happen. I’m so thrilled that someone like her wanted to wear my clothes".

A Collection that Criticizes

Daniel Bendzovski’s graduation collection is speaking ironically about trends, especially the increasing use of fur. With this collection, Daniel wants to question the prevailing fur trend and increase people’s awareness about consumption. On Monday, Daniel Bendzovski starts the fashion master program at the Swedish School of Textiles.


Exit on tour

The Swedish School of Textile’s Exit exhibition 2012 was shown at the London Fashion Week, September 18.