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The Educational Prize for 2012

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The prize is made up of a travelling grant of 20 000 kronor (individual person) or 40 000 kronor (team of teachers or researchers).


To be considered for the prize, the individual person or team of teachers/researchers must be active at the University of Borås and must also have performed eminent educational achievements in undergraduate and/or doctoral studies for instance by:

  • developing new forms for teaching and learning
  • elaborating new textbooks
  • initiating and participating in collaboration with other seats of learning and/or professions, nationwide or internationally, in development work in undergraduate or doctoral studies
  • managing research and development projects in teaching and learning of great value for the university

or in a meritorious way tutored student[s]/doctoral student[s] for instance by

  • opening doors to valuable national or international arenas
  • given possibilities for the education to be undergone in a remarkably short period
  • acting as an extraordinary role model

To be nominated for the prize the person or team should have been active at the University of Borås at least two academic years and have taught/tutored at least 100 hours per year.

The prizewinner will be chosen by a committee consisting of rector/pro-rector, representative for the Student Union and representative for Library & Learning Resources. The prize will be handed out on the Master’s Degree Ceremony on October 19. Send your nomination proposals to not later than September 18. Mark your proposal Dnr: 473-12-27.