Hello Judicael Kessy, who are you?

How come you choose to study at University of Borås?

Engineering has always been a passion of mine and while searching the net for good schools that also offered Logistics I came across University of Borås.

Is it common for Congolese students to study in Sweden?

No, in fact it’s very uncommon, we usually study in French-speaking countries. I came to Sweden six months before my first semester started and took a Swedish class in order to learn the language.

That is really impressive, was your everyday life in Sweden different from your everyday in Congo?

Well the weather was slightly different, I dare say it rains more here. But the main difference was the social aspects. Swedish people don’t socialize as openly as we Congolese.

What do you do now?

I work for a company called SN Plasco, we are the leading Congolese manufacturer and retailer in bottled water.

How did you get involved with the Congolese Parliament and what do you for them?

My brother introduced me, and I accompany them on this visit to Sweden to look at different research projects like Waste Management here in Borås because I studied here and I know the language.