Eliana Sánchez named ”Global Swede” by the University of Borås and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge the importance of international students in Sweden, and is connected to the Kosmopolit project which is the Government's special initiative to make use of the unique skills of people born abroad to increase foreign trade, create more jobs and generate higher growth.

Eliana Sanchéz, who is a student at the University of Borås, was one of 24 students who were named Global Swede. Eliana is Colombian and started a Master’s programme in Applied Textile Management at The Swedish School of Textiles in August 2011.

Nominated by her teacher

She was nominated by her teacher Jonas Larsson with the words that she "has proven herself very competent on the master's programme Applied Textile Management. She has an innovative and open mind and performs well in both theoretical and practical exercises. Eliana works well in groups and has high social skills and we would very much like her to represent our university and Sweden."

About the award Eliana said that “it was a big and nice surprise. It is difficult to imagine that among so many international students, I was nominated and selected. I did not expect something like this.” Eliana thought that the ceremony was well organized and warm, and that the presence of the Minister for Trade, Ewa Björling, showed the sincerity of the interest of the Swedish government in building strong relationships with other countries in order to face globalization.

The diploma ceremony encourages the students to participate in the international network Global Swede and to serve as ambassadors for Sweden, highlighting this country as a destination for trade and industry.

When asked if she will participate in the Global Swede network she answered: “Definitely. I consider it a very good opportunity to enhance my professional experience and to develop new links between Sweden and Colombia.”


The students, together with representatives from the universities, various Swedish authorities and ambassadors from several countries attended the ceremony. Among the speakers were the Minister for Trade, Ewa Björling, the Director General of the Swedish Institute, Annika Rembe, and the Technology Transfer Manager at KTH Innovation, Donnie S.C. Lygonis. They emphasised the importance of international students in Sweden and how they contribute with unique knowledge and experiences within education and research, as well as their role in future good relations between Sweden and the world.