Millions to the university

In all, there are 92 recipients who will share close to 6 million SEK. At the University of Borås there are six recipients in the research category, plus two in education, who share the money.

“Financing from the foundation is important to us. The foundation is and has been our most prominent financier and contributed close to 60 million SEK over the years. Our research, which today is very broad, has been developed in large measure thanks to the support of the foundation,” says Rector Björn Brorström.

Of the over two million, 800 000 SEK has been awarded to the Swedish School of Textiles, to complete their laboratories with equipment for research and testing on modified textile surfaces.

New award in social media

Another of the contributions that the foundation has awarded the university is intended as funds for a scholarship for efforts in social media, together with the city of Borås. The new scholarship is aimed at finding out how social media can be used in societal development.

All of the recipients of University of Borås:


  • Electrokinetic analyser, 800 000 SEK.
  • Scholarship and jury in social media platforms, 120 000 SEK.
  • Develop biogas reactors of textiles for household applications, 200 000 SEK.
  • Computer processing of work on the touchpad’s importance in treating aphasia, 49 000 SEK.
  • Optimisation of biogas production and evaluation, 541 000 SEK.
  • Equipment for composite manufacturing, 125 000 SEK.
  • Fashion shows in Stockholm and London for graduating students in Fashion Design, 230 000 SEK
  • Catalogue for recently graduated students in Textile Design, 30 000 SEK.


The funds are awarded at a ceremony in Åhaga on the 23rd of May.

See all recipient at the Sparbanken Foundation Sjuhärad web site.