"Mini-Sobacken" takes shape in Indonesia

For two weeks in October Anggun Rahmada and Wulaningrum Riyadi from Gadjah Mada University visited Borås to study recycling of wastes. They  visited smaller recycling facilities, Sobacken, the central recycling plant in Borås, a recycling center and the educational technology centre Navet.
Since August the work to design a "Mini-Sobacken" is currently taking place at their home university. They have a defined area on the campus ground to work with.
However, it is not possible to copy the recycling model from Borås to the home university entirely. An adaption suitable for their own society will be necessary. One of the challenges will be to change the attitudes to waste and recycling among the students and the university staff. Anggun Rahmada and Wulaningrum Riyadi will at a first stage aim to educate the students and then hope this will also affect the society outside the university.
Initially they invite the students to meetings and they plan a common “cleaning day” at the university. Another activity is to announce a contest where students can come up with proposals on how to develop a “mini-Sobacken”.

Inspiration for the whole community

- The idea of ??the project “Mini-Sobacken” at the university is that it will serve as a center for inspiration, says Kamran Rousta, teacher and researcher at the School of Engineering at the University of Borås and coordinator of the project.
Kamran Rousta recently began his research on how to influence and raise awareness about environmental issues and questions concerning waste recycling. In December he will visit Gadjah Mada University for a follow-up on the project and to meet with the university management and students.

The project will run for six months and is funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth - Tillväxtverket.
The next step is to set up a recycling system and to construct the plant.
- We hope that we will be able to extend the project, but then we will need more money, says Kamran Rousta.