Festivity and Celebration at the Annual Academic Ceremony

The students were congratulated during an afternoon of celebration with the distribution of many tokens of distinction. As an accompaniment, there was musical entertainment provided by Niklas Andersson and pianists Mats Sköldberg and Staffan Björklund-Jullander .

In his speech to the students, Vice-Chancellor Björn Broström emphasized the value of higher education and the significance of finalizing graduation projects.

“Knowing how to analyse, question and critically assess are important capacities to make use of during ones career, particularly by contributing with new perspectives at ones future place of employment.

Director of development Staffan Lööf and Vice-Chancellor Björn Broström

In her speech in honour, Professor Lotta Dellve of the School of Health Sciences commended the partnership that has been established between university and work-life at the University College of Borås. The significance of collaboration, empathy and professionalism was also reenforced.

“Whatever you do and however you do it – everything will have an impact on your careers Feeling secure about what you have learned here, will be of great support to you in the future”.

The Länsförsäkringar in Älvsborg Scholarship

The local insurance company, Länsförsäkringar in Älvsborg, has established a special grant for the best graduation projects of the year.

“We strongly believe in studies and research as a contribution to constant improvement in society”, says Sten Lundqvist, CEO of Länsförsäkringar in Älvsborg. 










Majid Jaffari was one of the happy recipients of Länsförsäkringar in Älvsborg’s recently established scholarship for the best project essay.

Andreas Hult and Elin Bornefalk (absent) received the distinction of best project essay within the Programme in Business and Economics for 2012. They also gained a joint-grant of 25 000 SEK by Länsförsäkringar in Älvsborg for the same work.


Four written works have been awarded a premium of 25 000 SEK for high achievements:


One within the Programme in Business and Economics at the School of Business and IT

Elin Bornefalk and Andreas Hult: “The pursuit of strategic CSR – rethinking capitalism in developing countries”.

Reasons: The project essay deals with the complex issue of sustainability from an international perspective which should rouse an interest also outside of Sweden.


One within the District Nurse Training Programme at the School of Health Sciences

Beate Stien: “It is the patient that is being treated and not the symptom: The experiences of a district nurse testing preventive measures suitable for patients suffering from hypertension”.

Reasons: This is an area of imminent interest as the subject focuses on a common health problem in Sweden: hypertension. The study is an important contribution towards improving the duties of district nurses when meeting patients with high blood pressure by developing preventative work in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare.


One within the Ambulance Driver Education Programme at the School of Health Sciences

Tobas Molander and Kin Tran: “A quality survey of the treatment of patients with high-grade sepsis or septic shock performed by Swedish paramedics”.

Reasons:  This is an essay of acute importance to ongoing investigation into the organizational problems of Swedish ambulance care. The conclusions of this national survey can be decisive importance when it comes to exposing faults and achieving quality assurance with the area of ambulance care”.


One within the Master’s Programme in Educational Work the School of Education and Behavioural Sciences

Majid Jaffari: “Education and Integration:  On the integration of immigrant academics within   higher education”.

Reasons: The essay deals with a topic of major importance and is of high professional relevance as it examines local university practices. It will also serve to promote discussions on the subject of a growing category of students.

Pedagogical prize

This year’s pedagogical prize has been conferred upon Johan Eklund, teacher at the School of Library and Information Science.

In answer to brief query from Pro-Vice-Chancellor Martin Hellström:  “What singled out Johan as our winner this year?”

Reasons: “Johan Eklund has been awarded the prize for his special ability to explain really difficult and complex problems in a graspable and elucidating way”.