New Network for Research across Borders

Last week, representatives from 16 design schools and universities visited the Swedish School of Textiles for participating in a workshop. All of them are members of the new network ArcInTex, which purpose is to link research in architecture, interaction design and textile.

The workshop was visited by, among others, Aalto University (Finland), Concordia (Canada) and University of Technology, Eidhoven (Holland). So was the Royal College of Art, represented by Clare Johnstone, professor and head of the textiles program:
"My mission is to make textile more interdisciplinary. We want students and researchers to work across borders, both in terms of research fields as with other schools."

She is very positive to the new network.
"I can say that it’s a network rich in knowledge, experiences and information", Clare Johnstone says

Caption for the image in the upper right corner: Next year it’s Aalto University’s turn to arrange this workshop.  Jussi Mikkonen takes up the baton, here a glass sculpture.

Joint applications

The purpose of ArcInTex is to cooperate on research applications to the European Union. Therefore, the idea of the workshop was to gather the members of the network and discuss which subjects within artistic research that need further research.

"There is a need for developing the cooperation and research between architecture, textiles and interaction design. Writing an EU application is a huge job, yet many people are interested and positive to working together", network coordinator Agneta Nordlund-Andersson says.

The sight is set on Horizon 2020, the new EU framework program which calls start in 2014.

"We are working intensely with applying for grants from the Research & Development Board, the Västra Götaland region, and the COST programme to finance working with the bigger applications to Horizon 2020", Agneta Nordlund-Andersson says.

Next workshop will take place at the Aalto University, Helsinki, in the spring of 2013.

More information about ArcInTex, go to