Australian visit to SSLIS

Christine is a PhD student and research assistant in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, and Clarence is the Information Literacy Specialist at Purdue University Library in Indiana, USA, but also a PhD student in the joint Gateway PhD programme run by QUT and San Jose State University, USA. They are both interested in people’s experience of information and took the opportunity to visit Borås and SSLIS when they were in Sweden for a conference on phenomenography.

Christine and Clarence research various aspects of information literacy, which is connected to research within the research area Information practices at SSLIS. Christine investigates how middle-aged people experience using information to learn about health, both for illness and for wellness. This is an issue attracting attention in countries with ageing populations, such as Australia or Sweden.

Clarence studies how students learn to use information as part of learning about a subject in the classroom of undergraduate university studies. In particular, he is interested in how teachers and students co-construct and experience the use of information in their learning activities. How to integrate the training of skilled search for and use of information with subject studies is something many universities are exploring, including the university library in Borås.

Christine and Clarence presented their PhD work to an interested group at the SSLIS research seminar, and also found time for informal discussions with several of the researchers in the information practices research area. The Australian contribution to the SSLIS research seminar continued last week when SSLIS researchers participated in a research seminar on digital activism with Jake Wallis from Charles Sturt University in Australia via video conferencing technology.