The first iSchool member in Sweden

“iSchool membership provides opportunities for mobility among students, research students and researchers. Studying and doing research abroad will be facilitated when we are part of an established network”, says Ann-Sofie Axelsson, Head of the School of Library and Information Science.

As an organization, iSchools was founded in the USA when educational programmes within the discipline needed to be updated, their brands strengthened and contacts between different departments and with industry increased. Since the domain of information is undergoing constant changes, it is important to keep up with the development and keep track of all the latest ideas. iSchools facilitates these kind of efforts  at an international level.

 “Membership will enable us to gain access to other channels and networks within the area of information science and also opens up towards other related disciplines. iSchools emphasise interdisciplinary work and, with a view to the changes taking place in society, more and more academic fields are taking an interest in information science”, says Jan Nolin, professor of Library and Information Science.

Embarking on international co-operation

In 2014, Horizon 2020, EU´s major frame programme for research and innovation will be launched. A membership in iSchools will make it easier for Borås University to seek out collaborative projects within European research.

“I think our membership in iSchools will be of great use to us when it comes to collaborating with the EU”, Jan Nolin anticipates. “The aim of the organisation is to help others within the different networks”.

Annual conferences

Every year, iSchools organises an iConference gathering researchers from all over the world.

“Participating in iSchools conferences creates opportunities for an exchange of high-quality knowledge within the domain of Library and Information Science, for research students as well as senior scholar. This will be of great service to both education and research within the field”, Ann-Sofie Axelsson affirms.

Facts about iSchools

iSchools is a global organization for education that unites leading members of the discipline in an attempt to offer expert advice in the field with regard to information developmentintended for science, companies education and culture.

Since it was founded in the USA in 2005, the iSchool organization has spread both to Europe and Asia. In the Nordic countries, the University Copenhagen and of Tammerfors are members together with Borås University.

Membership in iSchools is a quality mark for every department within the field of information science in Europe.

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Text: Ida Borenstein
Photos: Ulf Nilsson