Welcome to a new semester!

Library & Learning Resources (LLR) at the University of Borås aims at making the students successful in their studies. Here you will find not only a high-class scientific library but also study and career counselling, student health services and pedagogues at student support services.

Library & Learning Resources supplies its visitors with more than 139,000 volumes, approx. 100,000 e-books and around 31,000 e-journals. You can search the library catalogue, and among journals, databases and web resources under Search information. In the entrance of Library & Learning Resources are two information points where you can get assistance in information searching and borrowing from librarians. We are open 12 hours a day most days of the week (68 hours/week) - databases and other information services on our web site are of course accessible 24/7, even from home, you just need a valid user-id and password. Monday through Friday, you can also receive private search support from one of our 20 librarians.

Floor 4 holds Student Services which offers both pedagogical support, career service and support in your social situation. This could for example be with writing assignments, giving oral presentations or with maths or computer software. If you have functional disabilities you can receive special pedagogical support. There is also a Student Ombudsman who you can turn to if you feel that you have been subject to unacceptable behaviour by the university staff or other students. The study counselors can give you advice on the different courses that the University of Borås, as well as other universities in Sweden, have to offer. The career service can help you with information about the labour market in Sweden. There is also the Student Health Care which includes a social counselor, a nurse and a priest. The International Coordinator supports the international students coming to the University.


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