Engineering student nominated to Global Swede

The award Global Swede is a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute where several international students who have studied in Sweden are recognized. The international student all have distinguished themselves within areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

−Students from other countries who successfully carry out parts of their university studies in Sweden constitutes an important resource for us. The will be ambassadors, both for their home countries and for Sweden the day they will return home, which will strengthen the ties to the rest of the world. Through Global Swede we recognize these individuals, says Ms. Ewa Björling.

The award ceremony, which took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, aims to encourage students to engage in network Global Swede and ultimately act as ambassadors for Sweden after graduation. This is a step in the marketing of Sweden as an attractive study destination for talented students from other countries.

− It is a great honor being nominated for the Global Swede ceremony representing the University of Borås. I think, in general, Sweden has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to innovations in different fields and it is good to stay in contact with local and international entrepreneurs. This helps in an easier spread of ideas and creates a bond between Sweden and the international community. Personally, I would like to thank the University of Borås for the trust they have given me and for providing interesting programs that keep on attracting more and more international students, says Mr. Samer Al Hassanieh.

The University of Borås motivation for the nomination

Samer Al Hassanieh, has been a Masters student on the programme Sustainable Engineering – Resource Recovery at the University of Borås since August 2011 and will graduate in summer 2013.
Samer is one of the best students within the two offered Masters programmes in Resource Recovery.
He has a previous degree in mechanical engineering and work experience from the construction industry. Besides his studies, Samer is active as a student buddy and member of the international student group ESN Borås, where he has taken on a great deal of responsibility in the general organization and development of the group in cooperation with the International Office. We believe he is an outstanding ambassador for the University of Borås and Sweden.

Samer Al Hassanieh

Age: 28
From: Lebanon
Studies: MSc in Resource Recovery – Sustainable Engineering