Accurate results with electrical bioimpedance on hand

Electric bioimpedance spectroscopy, EBIS , is a gentle examination as it is non-invasive, it is cheap and simple and it is a quick alternative to measure the  water volume in the body. Electrodes are fastened to the body and send electric current through the body. The fluid in the body's cells and between them provide different kinds of electrical resistance that can be monitored. Greater knowledge of the various parameters of the body composition, such as fat mass and body cell mass, is helpful in diagnosing and in the health care and provide greater understanding of fluid balance, nutritional status and mechanisms of various diseases . Examination by electrical bioimpedance is currently in use as a complement to MRI or monitoring on home care of e.g. dialysis patients.

However, electric bioimpedans spectroscopi has some weaknesses that Ruben Buendia López now has had a closer look at. He has investigated data from different modeling techniques to minimize interference in the signals. When attaching electrodes to the body, these disorders or abnormalities may occur, such as by the patient moves, the electrodes do not have sufficient contact to the skin or sound in the room that provides noise. By comparison with a control group Ruben Buendia López has concluded that it is possible to compensate the deviations and thus produce cleaner results.

On Friday Ruben Buendia defends his thesis Improvements in Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Data Analysis : Artifact Correction , Cole Parameters and Body Fluid Estimation.

Ruben Buendia López is a doctoral student at KTH, but has had University in Borås as the residence of his research under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Seoane Martinez. The research was conducted in collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Ruben Buendía López 
Age: 30 
From: Madrid, Spain 
Undergraduate at the University of Alcala, Madrid 
Masters in Medical Technology at the University of Borås in 2009 
Admission to doctoral studies in 2010 and attached to the Royal Institute of Technology in 2011.

The defense will take place on 4 October at 13:00 in room 221 on ANA12, KTH, School of Technology and Health , Alfred Nobels Allé 12 , Huddinge

Degree: PhD in Applied Medical Technology

More information about the doctoral thesis

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