Dissertation on carbon nanotubes, graphene and polymer composites

The thesis is about computional modeling of the growth of graphene and carbon nanotubes and how they may be used as an additive in e.g. polymer fibers.

The research aims for the future possibilities to produce very tiny electrical circuits in nano size, textile fibers that are extremely strong and in the future could be electrically conductive or be used for heating of e.g. car seats.

The thesis titled Computional Studies of Graphene and Single Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCT) Growth and Carbonaceous Polymeric Nanocomposites is about finding methods to control the structure of the graphene.

Date: 23 of September
Time: 10:00
Place: University of Borås, room D517

−It is crucial that these very small, nanoscale structures do not have any defects, i.e. that all atoms are in the correct place, since structures that have defects do not have the desired properties. I have studied the growth (production) of these nanoscale structures, since this knowledge is needed if we want to identify methods that can produce structure with no defects.

Shayesteh Haghighatpanah

From: Iran
Has previously done: BSc in Chemical Engineering. Worked within the petrochemical industry. Master’s degree in Resource Recovery – Sustainable Engineering, 2009, at the University of Borås. Doctoral studies at the University of Borås and Chalmers. Research Supervisor: Professor Kim Bolton.

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