EXIT 14 shows more than ever

EXIT has grown. This year, all graduating students from the Swedish School of Textiles participate, one way or another. Fashion shows, exhibitions, happenings, mini-conferences, and seminars will make the Textile Fashion Center teem with activity.

– I intend for this to be an epic experience, says Majli af Ekenstam, Fashion Design student at the Swedish School of Textiles.

A firework of colours
Her design breaks patterns. Literally. By combining shaping and printing through a technique in which the garment is folded, dyed and then unfolded again, the pattern image of the garment becomes separated and gains a new structure. In addition, many of the materials have been pre-treated, causing them to develop individual expressions.

– I'll exhibit some dresses and coats. They're voluminous, angular, and rich in colours. My classmates all use very experimental and artistic methods in their work. We work in conceptual fashion, which allows us to show who we are as designers.

Changeable design
Annika Björk is a Textile Design student who works in sustainable textiles designed to undergo changes during the life cycle of the product. Among other things, she will exhibit a shirt which becomes darker in colour, displays its pattern image more clearly, and changes its structure every time it is washed.

– This Textile Design exhibition will show both breadth and individualism. Fibre optics integrated into textiles, interiors made from melted composite materials, and installations for public environments are only a few examples of the creations on display, says Annika Björk.