Summon - the new version

Summon is the discovery tool we use to search the Library collections. In the begining of June we made the shift to Summon 2. The new version has been developed specially to adopt to different screen sizes. The Summon infterface shifts depending on if you use a computer, tablet or smartphone, when you search Summon.

Among news in Summon 2

  • Scroll of records are continuesly
  • More information about a record is shown in the right section of the interface
  • Citation information is visual in the record and linked to Web of Science
  • The facette Discipline is new and makes it possible to refine a search to a certain discipline
  • Search terms are checked against Wikipedia for an explanation of the used term (when its possible)

The new interface have a clearner look and is more focused on functionality and content than before.

To try Summon 2 - go to the searchbox on the Library web site.