A New Organisation

The goal of the University of Borås is to be a complete and independent higher education institution. With this in mind the University of Borås has undergone a reorganisation to support the development towards the goal, and to strengthen the education and research areas. The new organisation is built upon the idea that the whole university shall come together and work in new groups across different areas of education and research.

The former units at the University of Borås, called “schools” do no longer exist. In the new organisation education and research are divided in to three areas. All administrative support is also gathered in one unit.

The new organisational structure is set on an overall level, and it is also decided to which organisational unit each educational programme is located. The English names of the organisational units are not decided yet.

Website and logotypes are affected

Because of the re-organisation, the website of the University of Borås will be affected. The information on the websites of the former schools will be moved to a central level. The websites of the schools will be active during a transition period, but will not be updated.

The logotype of the University of Borås will also be changed. There will no longer be specific logotypes for the different units.