Minister for Trade awards prize to Borås student

The Global Swede award ceremony, a cooperation between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute, was organised for the fourth year in a row. The distinction is given to foreign students studying to Sweden who have excelled in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. Zhibek is currently a PhD student at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås via the Erasmus Mundus project TOSCA II. 

“ I am very grateful for this great opportunity and to be invited to this unique event. I am humbled by the confidence that the University of Borås has invested in me. I truly appreciated the professional and friendly atmosphere in which I could both explore and learn, as well as share international experience and knowledge. This is a further step in my carrier and helps me to gain a critical competence and become active in the international intellectual exchange and the debate currently underway in the academic sphere.”

The hope and idea behind the concept of Global Swede is that the students will be good ambassadors in the future for a positive image of Sweden and function as important contacts for Swedish industry out in the world. This year, 21 students at Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) received the distinction, which consists of a diploma and a gift. Presenting the award at the ceremony of 12 May was Minister for Trade Ewa Björling and Annika Rembe, Director-General of the Swedish Institute. The ceremony was attended by students, representatives from HEIs and authorities, as well as ambassadors from other countries.

The University of Borås' nomination of Zhibek read:
“Zhibek Abdyramanova arrived at the University of Borås in September 2013, as an Erasmus Mundus doctoral student, and has developed her research topic here: strategies for development of the textile industry, taking into account both Swedish and Kyrgyz experience. Zhibek is ambitious and skilful and shows much initiative and enthusiasm in both collaborative and independent work. Her interest in the Swedish culture, language and education is apparent and will be an asset for the future.”

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Photo: Karin Nylund/Regeringskansliet