Screen printing with sensors next aim for smart textiles

The pre-study project aims to explore novel material available to produce elastic conductive paste as well as a manufacturing process for the fabrication of textile-electronic integrated garments.

Opening for Swedish textile manufacturing industry

The newly developed conductive screen-printing paste will together with the customization of the manufacturing process allow the Swedish textile manufacturing industry to meet the blooming of the sector of sensorized garments will be boosted by the global proliferation of applications in the field of personalized Health, Personal Protective Equipment and fitness.

−We will develop an elastic conductive coating paste formulation for deposition on textile-friendly surfaces and then customized manufacturing methods using screen printing to produce reliable and robust electronic circuits on textile substrates. In particular, we will study various concepts for elastic conductive materials based on carbon nanotubes and metallic particles, says Co-opted Prof. Fernando Seoane, manager of the project, at the University of Borås.

The results of project will improve the integration of electronics with textiles and facilitate the manufacturing of textile-electronic integrated products by combining printed electronics and smart textiles.

In the project, participate the polymer research group leaded by Prof. Skrivfars, the Borås based companies, ACG Accent AB Syverket AB and Swedish ICT ACREO in Norrköping

The pre-study runs over six months and is financed by Vinnova.

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