Digital ambassador on University of Borås

What does it mean to be a digital ambassador?
– It means that I will present the University of Borås and Sweden to international students who are considering Sweden or the University of Borås for their studies. I blog and share my stories about my experiences here in Sweden. In my blog I focus on my studies and my experiences living in Sweden as well as the events going on at campus, in Borås and in Sweden. I also answer questions from international students.

Why did you choose the University of Borås?
– I'm very interested in sustainable fashion, at the same time I'm concerned about the environmental impacts caused by the textile production chain. There are not many studies done on this aspect in my home country or in Asia. One of the reasons to why I chose University of Borås is the university’s strong focus on sustainability. The Swedish School of Textiles is one of a kind in Sweden with a leading, modern and innovative research center equipped with a full scale textile manufacturing equipment. So now I’m studying the two years Master program in Textile management with specialisation fashion management.

What do you think about Borås?
– I like that it is neither a big city nor a small town, it's “lagom” and the people here are very friendly. The stereotypical Swede is known for being reserved but I have met very kind Swedes who helped me even though I didn’t ask for it.

– I love the nature in Sweden, it's very beautiful. Perfect for someone like me who enjoy hiking. I'm also very fascinated by the Swedish traditions especially the midsummer, where people drink “nubbe”, sing songs and dance around the Maypole with flower garlands on their hair. Such a happy occasion! I'm learning ”Små grodorna” now in preparation for the next midsummer, I can't wait.

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Text: Annie Klasén
Photo: Private