New Professor in Structural Engineering

From Lund to Vancouver, Vancouver to Denmark and now Borås. There have been many workplaces for Staffan Svensson. But it all started at Lund University with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Structural Engineering. A scholarship ensureda year of post-doctoral at UBC, University of British Colombia. He was then headhunted to AAU, Aalborg University and then on to the DTU, Technical University of Denmark in the north of Copenhagen, and now back to Sweden and University of Borås.

How come you chose the University of Borås?

- I had a call for about a year and a half ago, by what was then the School of Engineering, where they told about a new focus on research within building science and technology. I thought it sounded exciting to be involved from the start. The challenge of building something new is hard to resist for someone working in structural engineering and construction materials, this is why I ended up here at the university.

What will you work on?

- I will research on building materials and structural engineering. We are building a laboratory right now, where I and my colleagues will conduct research and give hands-on education for our students. Meanwhile, I will work with the scientific quality of the educations in civil engineering and building technology. I have sgiven my first lecture here at the university that was the first time in 13 years I lectured in Swedish.