Students for sustainable development

 “I’ve always been interested in nature, the environment and sustainable development. So when the opportunity arose to get involved at the university, I took it.”

By engaging students as climate ambassadors, the university’s idea and hope is to make use of the social commitment and good ideas that students have in order to help further push the institution’s sustainable development efforts forward. The goal of the two-year project, which is part of the Västra Götaland region’s climate strategy initiative, is to highlight the ideas and opinions of young people in the west Swedish development project in the area.

Clothing swap 

The climate ambassadors underwent training during spring semester 2014. They will now set the project into action by putting sustainable development and climate issues on the agenda in various ways. One first step was held with a clothing swap together with the Novitas student committee at the University of Borås. The theme day took place during Kretsloppsveckan (Eco-Cycle Week), a joint event with the City of Borås and Borås Energi och Miljö (Borås Energy and Environment).

“We’re starting with an already-established concept, but adding more components, like events, workshops, lectures, ‘help-to-self-help’ to patch and mend clothes and more,” says Jenny Ekström.

The clothing was on September 19. Unlike past years, the event was held in "Kuben" at the Navet Science Center this time.

The clothing swap was also open to the general public.” In the future, Jenny Ekström hopes the climate ambassadors will continue to run more projects in which young people comprise the main target group.

“Sustainable development is about so much! We’re planning to hold some kind of theme day down the road on food and organic food, or maybe energy issues.”