Textile student wins award for best thesis on sustainable development

Her thesis, 'Micro and nano sized textile topography for improved water repellence', was nominated by her supervisor Anders Persson, Senior Lecturer at The Swedish School of Textiles, with the following motivation:

"Malin's degree project directly addresses one of the most important unsolved textile problems;  finding alternative methods for making textile materials water- and oil-repellent. Today, textiles are impregnated with perfluorated chemicals (fluorocarbons) which, when they are released, transform into hazardous, bio-accumulative substances.There are alternative water-repellent treatments for textiles, but no treatment has yet successfully made textiles oil-repellent, which would make the material dirt-repellent. The project is Malin's own initiative, and she has carried it out in an independent, mature, and focused manner.Malin has not yet performed a meta-analysis of her degree subject; rather, as is the custom at engineering faculties, she has written her thesis with her peers as the intended audience, which is the reason for leaving out a more detailed motivation of the purpose of the thesis. The thesis presents new strategies for the treatment of textile substrata based on structures in nature, and attempts to describe how different length scales in the topography influence the chances of achieving the desired properties." 

Malin Wetterborg received a check for 3000 SEK. - This is amazing. Sustainable development in the textile industry is close to my heart, she says.