New talents invited to exhibit at London Fashion Week

Artistic, bold, extreme, and tasteful; after several months of hard work, the graduating class from the Swedish School of Textiles will now present their creative and inspiring collections. The students are more concerned with showing the audience who they are as designers through the conceptual expressions seen in their degree projects than to exhibit collections ready for retail. At the same time, these projects can be seen as seeds for new ideas to be applied and commercialised in new collections. This is quite clear to anyone considering the width and expressions in the works of the individual students. 

"What is the driving force behind fashion, which methods should one employ to expand and renew the range of wearable garments, and what new methods are developed in fashion design? These are some of the questions asked during the process leading up to the 2014 degree projects," says Erika Blomgren, Director of the Fashion Design Programme. "By examining methods for creating new kinds of garments through the study of a moving body, integrating knitting and weaving techniques in order to create new shapes and materials, and using braiding techniques to investigate the expression of men's garments, the students challenge both themselves and the fashion industry, which is exactly the way it's supposed to be."

The degree collections make references to a wide range of traditions; from folklore and cheerleaders to functional clothing for cyclists, which is covered with advertisements. Trompe L'oeil prints, colourful slash-pleats, and intricate braidwork are mixed with tufted details and moulded garments in collections which often focus on body and function, weight and movement. The rich flora of details and unique ideas speaks of a technical know-how and a personal expression which, together with groundbreaking ideas and a desire to experiment, have come to be realised due to the students' own drive and ambition in combination with the unique opportunities they have been given during their education at the Swedish School of Textiles.

This year's participating students are:

From the Bachelor's Programme:

Felix Roll, Johanna Billeqvist, Miguel Lucas De Simas Martins, Linda Dekhla, Anna

Johansson, Gabriela Vallejos Castro, Majli af Ekenstam, Sara-Lovise Ewertson, Karin Mellqvist, Hanna Freese, Per Hansson, Johanna Karlsson

From the Master's Programme:  Ina Hjelte, Andreas Eklöf, Emelie Johansson