Pedagogical tools to teach digital preservation

Recently completed was the EU project ’Training the trainers. Dissemination of knowledge on digitisation’, a project initiated by six archival institutions in Europe. The University of Borås was the sole university involved.

– We at The Swedish School of Library and Information Science were involved because we have the pedagogical competence, says Mats Dahlström, Professor of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås.

The most important result of the project is a digital toolbox – Sofia's Toolbox. It is targeted at people who want to develop the skills of their colleagues in digital preservation. It involves everything from documents, photographs, and books to audio and video recordings.

– The toolbox’s purpose is to maximise the spreading of knowledge and it is offered via open access online, where any institution can make use of it, re-use it, or develop it into something even better, he says.

Sofia’s toolbox contains concrete tips and exercises.

–       For example, how you can digitise handwritten texts from the 17th or 18th centuries and how you apply metadata to the material. You also receive technical information and practical recommendations on how to proceed. It can be a matter of an institution digitising 100,000 documents, Mats Dahström explained.

So far, Sofia’s Toolbox is available as a PDF. However, work is being done make it available online with a better interface. There is also a blog where you can follow the project.

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