The Swedish School of Textiles at London Fashion Week

During Stockholm Fashion Week at the end of August, the EXIT show at Berns was a success, attended by much of the fashion industry. Several big names had great things to say afterwards.

“Everyone showed real creativity and a desire to experiment,” said Cia Jansson, Fashion Editor for ELLE. “It was fantastic.”

Stylist and designer Bea Åkerlund went straight backstage to borrow a jacket from master’s student Emma Lindqvist. She, too, was impressed by the students’ collections.

“It’s always fun to see, and inspiring. I thrive on the creativity of the younger generation.”

Thinking bigger

For master’s student Saina Koohnavard, the show was a way to reach and challenge a wider audience.

“We put a great deal of time and effort into the design process and the artistic work during our studies. So it’s important to stop, if only for a few minutes, and see where the process has taken you and how the results turn out when combined with lighting, music and models.”

She also thinks that the show is highly significant to the Swedish School of Textiles.

“It shows that the Swedish School of Textiles is looking around, wants to think bigger and wants to do more.”

About the show

The show took place at Freemasons’ Hall in London, at 16:30 on 19 September.

EXIT15 is the Swedish School of Textiles’ degree exhibition. Fashion design students showed their examination collections in Borås on 3 June and at Stockholm Fashion Week on 26 August. In Stockholm, the Lindex Scholarship was awarded to the best designer. The winner was bachelor’s student Josefin Runquist. In August, master’s student Sara Lundberg won the Danish design competition Designers’ Nest, and bachelor’s student Louise Wånngren came second. In Borås, the Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association and the Swedish Fashion Council awarded a scholarship to Sara Lundberg. The Swedish School of Textiles has staged degree exhibitions in London since 2010.

The following students showed their projects:

From the bachelor’s degree programme: Alva Ilta Johansson, Joel Prehn Andersson, Claes Bergman, Lisa Viola Setterberg, Moa Antonsson, Emilia Elfvik, Sofie Larsson, Tove Ullsåker, Miriam Julin, Josefin Runquist, John-Daniel Isacsson, Jeanet Roerholt, Linus Brodén, Camilla Arnbert, Louise Wånggren and Mario Eurenius.

From the master’s degree programme: Halla Hákonardóttir, Emma Lindqvist, Daniel Bendzovski, Kairi Lentsius, Saina Koohnavard and Sara Lundberg.