Changes on the university website

Starting afternoon 7 July the site is undergoing maintenance. In the meantime, parts of the site will therefore have a different layout. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The main reason for the new layout of the website is that the university’s two daughter brands, The Swedish School of Textiles and The Swedish School of Library and Information Science, needs to be emphasized.

“This is a part of our long-term strategic work with the brand of University of Borås and its two daughter brands. By making these changes on the website it is clearly stated that they are a part of the University of Borås. This also makes it easier for different target groups to find the right information”, says Annie Andreasson, head of communication at the University of Borås.

At the same time there are some overall changes made in the layout and work is focused on improving the experience of the website on mobile phones and tablets.

“Today many people use different mobile units to search for information online, and therefore we wanted additional improvements of our website. However, we decided to keep our original graphic design”, says Suss Wilén, webmaster at the University of Borås.

Changes of the layout

There has also been other major changes, for example the choices of target groups, students and staff, have been moved and all webpage menus have been placed on the right hand side.

“We have reviewed our layout and made changes to improve the experience for visitors to the website. No information have been removed during these changes”, Suss Wilén points out.

Suss Wilén continues to explain the timing for the launch of the new website:

“We have less visitors to the website during the summer and many of the editors are on vacation, which makes this a good time for the launch.”

“If you discover anything that looks wrong after the launch, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to”