Maria aimed for quality studies

Why did you choose this master’s programme?

– I have always been interested in fashion, and after completing my Bachelor in Business Administration I knew I wanted to focus on fashion management.  The Swedish School of Textiles offered the most attractive education to me, and the fact that sustainability is a big part in most of the courses also played an important part in my decision.

Maria Gómez 
From: Spain 
Studies: Final semester of the Master’s programme in Fashion Marketing and Management, 2 years

Why did you choose The Swedish School of Textiles?

– The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, is very well known within the fashion industry for the quality of its programmes, as well as, being one of the leading universities in Europe when it comes to research. This makes it very attractive to study in Borås.

What is your experience of studying here?

– The programme has definitely met my expectations. The student groups are small, which simplifies and makes the discussions very interesting. Moreover, all the courses include a group work part, which brings the possibility of working with people who have very different cultural and professional backgrounds, and you can learn a lot from them.  I have learnt a lot about fashion, the supply chain, production processes, and retail marketing.

What are you currently doing in the Master’s programme?

– At the moment I am writing my master’s thesis along with another classmate.

What is your master’s thesis about?

– My master’s thesis aims to explore the reasons and motivations behind consumers’ engagement with Instagram fashion influencers, as well as, analyse if identification with influencers affects consumers’ purchase intention.

Any favourite courses?

– The course "Business of Textile and Fashion" was very good. We learned a lot about the purchasing manager position, and that is a job that really fascinates me.

Do you have any favourite location to study?

– Yes, I love to sit in the library. It has a cool environment with lots of students and I like the fact that you are allowed to talk aloud with your friends in there. The view from the library is also beautiful.

How will the studies here benefit you career?

– It is a renowned school and recruiters are aware of its quality, especially here in Sweden.

What is it like studying in Sweden?

– The student life in Sweden is good. Although, the difference from my home country Spain is not that big, only that we focus more on group work and have "home exams" here, and that is something that I have never done before.

What are your goals in the future?

– After finishing my education I would love to find a job at a fashion company where I can continue developing the knowledge and skills I acquired here in Borås. It might  be nice to start my own company as well, but only when I have enough experience in the industry.

What advice would you give future students?

– To everyone considering the Swedish School of Textiles and the University of Borås, don’t hesitate, send an application right away! You will get two very enriching years.

Text and photo: Solveig Klug