New Deputy Vice-Chancellor with focus on internationalisation

The current post extends from 1 August 2018 to 28 February 2019.

While Jenny Johannisson's focus area was research, Kim Bolton will, in the role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor, focus on internationalisation. He has previously served as coordinator for internationalisation at the university and will continue with that work in his new role.

"I will work so that internationalisation and research come closer together by promoting and deepening international aspects when it comes to research. I will also work towards increasing internationalisation in our educational programmes. It's about everything from paying attention to the greater global context to creating opportunities for better reception of international students, guests and researchers," he explains.

The post of Deputy Vice-Chancellor is assigned by the Vice-Chancellor. The role includes being a part of the Vice-Chancellor's Executive Office, assisting the Vice-Chancellor in university-wide activities, representing the university in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor, and having a certain focus area around which the post's work is focused.

Continued development of research and doctoral education

What will happen within research? Jenny Johannisson explains:

"My assignment as Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research has primarily meant working on the Vice-Chancellor's mission to strengthen the infrastructure for doctoral education and research at the university. Now, the university has a well-functioning structure and a successful organisation to provide support and advice, both through the creation of Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) and through a well-functioning Professional Services.  However, continuing the further strategic development of our already excellent research and research education activities remains an important focus for the university."

Jenny Johannisson is moving on to a new post as investigator at the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis in Gothenburg, which she is combining with continued part-time work at the university. Until the end of the year, she has a reduced assignment from the Vice-Chancellor in order to be able to complete the autumn's commitments within research and doctoral education. She will, among other things, serve as chairperson of the Research Council, coordinate the final report of the university's strategic research collaboration with Skövde, and assist in the implementation of research programmes in collaboration with the University of Skövde and University West.

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Text and photo: Solveig Klug