New function helps to make research available

Svante Kristensson, Library Director, informs about the function initiated by the University Library.

Why has the university begun this service?

"As governments, the EU and financiers require that research is made openly available – both research articles and the data that support research results – we have seen that the university needs to offer a comprehensive support to researchers. Research data is not an unambiguous term, but can have quite different meanings for different research groups and disciplines."

Who can contact the function?

"Anyone who has just been granted funding for a research project is welcome to contact the DAU, for example, to discuss the establishment of a data management plan – something that more and more research funders require in order to provide funding. Researchers who have just completed a research project or dissertation and need support in terms of making available and archiving the material can also contact the DAU."

Why should I contact the DAU?

"National and international guidelines recommend, or specifically require, research data to be made available, but in additionally, there are good reasons for researchers to keep their research data in good order during the research process. Have I saved data in an enduring file format? Do I know what is relevant regarding privacy and personal data? Have I taken into account the ethics issues? Have I sent data to the archives for archiving?"

When should I contact the DAU?

"The DAU can be an important dialogue partner no matter where you are in the research process.”

Who at the function should I contact?

"The first step is to send an email to the function. Then we will make sure that you come into contact with the right person based on the support you need."

On the web page about the DAU the Swedish National Data Service (Svensk Nationell Datatjänst in Swedish, or the SND) is mentioned. What is SND?

"It is part of the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet in Swedish) and is located at the University of Gothenburg. The SND has extensive experience in making available and retaining research data in the humanities and social sciences. Currently, it is possible to search for research data via the service's catalogue. Now, it is expanding its areas of competence to support Swedish scientists in more comprehensive ways and make research data from more disciplines searchable. The focus is on closer collaboration with higher education institutions and the university's function, for example, has its own contact person at the SND to further discuss complicated questions about file formats, storage, version management, and more. We are currently planning a project where we, together with the SND, will test a workflow arrangement in which a researcher's complete research data will be made available to the public and other researchers for verification and reuse."

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Text: Solveig Klug
Translator: Eva Medin