Latest research now even more accessible

Tomas Wahnström, Director of Studies of the third-cycle education in resource recovery, initiated making the doctoral theses easier to find. They are now being published digitally in the information point in connection to the ‘spikning’ ceremony, when a thesis is nailed to a birch trunk in the library before its public defence.

“The ‘spikning’ ceremony is nice, but the theses are not very accessible hanging from the birch three. In this way, more people can take part of our research more easily”, Tomas says.

The information point is in the middle of the library. It has a touch screen which everyone can use to read the doctoral theses that have been published at the university. If you point to one of the university’s six third-cycle programmes, you find the abstracts of the published theses in that area. If you find a thesis that you want to immerse yourself in even deeper, you can easily e-mail a digital copy to your email address. 

“The information point is easy to use”, says Research Communications Officer Anna Kjellsson. “And soon it will be even easier to use since those who suffer from visual impairment or dyslexia can have the texts read by a speech synthesis. Our research should be accessible to everyone.” 

Text and photo: Emma Lindh
Translation: Linda Lindstedt