Nominate your favourites for the university's Pedagogical Prize

At the University of Borås, the Pedagogical Prize is awarded to a course teaching team, i.e. a group of instructors who together are responsible for a specific course. The course you nominate should during 2017 have placed the student’s learning at the centre using a well thought-out pedagogical approach.

“Placing the student’s learning at the centre is a noteworthy achievement. Then it is natural to use a prize to acknowledge and appreciate such courses and course teaching teams that are successful and that can serve as an inspiration for others”, says Pro-Vice-Chancellor Jörgen Tholin.

Facts about the prize

The prize winners are selected by a committee consisting of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, two representatives from the Student Union in Borås, and the Head of Department of the Department of Educational Research and Development at the University of Borås. The prize will be awarded in conjugation with the university’s professorial inauguration and doctoral awards ceremony on 4 May, 2018.

The prize consists of a travel grant of SEK 50,000 for the course teaching team that planned and conducted the course. The travel grant is for a fact-finding tour, participation in conferences, or similar activities related to pedagogy. The sum is available until the end of the following calendar year. 

The winners are also expected to be key note speakers at the university’s annual educational development conference.

How to nominate

Send your nomination of a course/course teaching team and a brief explanation to no later than 2 February 2018. State the registry number Dnr: 013-18 in your proposal. Also state why you want to nominate the course, what you learnt within the framework of the course, how you learned, and how you were given the opportunity to influence the course content.

Read more about the prize and the criteria (pdf).

Pedagogical Prize over the years

New rules introduced for nominating course teaching teams

2015              Educational Aspects of Leisure – Time Activities II (11GF50)
2016              English with a Focus on Didactics for Teachers Working in Secondary School, I (11EN50)

New rules introduced prior to nomination announcement

2014              Gunilla Elber
2013              Lennart Boman
2012              Johan Eklund
2011              Jan Nolin
2010              Eli Bytoft Nyaas, Fernando Seoane Martinez
2009              Clemens Thornquist
2008              Dag Henriksson, Richard Baldwin
2007              Linda Östlundh
2006              Rolf Appelkvist
2005              Course teaching team for ”Design for the Caring Society” (Johan Huldt, Larsh Eriksson, Lars G Strömberg, Agneta Nordlund Andersson, Marcus Bergman, Torsten Hildt, Magnus Larsson)
2004              Roy Andersson

Establishment of prize for flexible learning and supervision of doctoral students (three prizes)

2003              Annette Eliasson, Peter Kammensjö, Dennis Beach
2002              Lennart Boman, Anita Eklöf, Göran Goldkuhl
2001              Mimmi Kylemark, Martin Voss

Founding of the Pedagogical Prize

2000              Bernt Evertsson
1999              Maria Ferlin
1998              Bo Westerlund
1997              Christina Rinaldo
1996              missing
1995              Göran Berntsson
1994              Rolf Gustafsson
1993              missing
1992              Brita-Lena Json Öman

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Ulf Nilsson
Translation: Linda Lindstedt