Government decision--Borås will have a police education program

"This was a very good decision by the government and I am very pleased that our mission to implement the Police Programme has now been formally decided. We are now working indefatiguably to plan and create the conditions for carrying out a high-quality educational programme," says Björn Brorström, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Borås.

A first concrete activity was already planned, a meeting with representatives of the Swedish Police Authority for the planning of future work.

"It is extremely gratifying that we have now received the formal message and thus can proceed with our plans. To start off with, there are three parts where we must start work on immediately," says Lotta Dalheim Englund, Dean of Faculty of the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare, who led the group within the university that coordinated and drove forward the work on the application.

"We need to recruit staff, mainly police instructors, in different areas and we need to finish writing the syllabi for the educational programme. In addition, we can now give the go-ahead to start work on construction projects, such as a shooting range, that are needed."

The University of Borås has stated that it will be ready to start the programme in the spring of 2019.

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Translation: Eva Medin