University of Borås is instituting an OA Fund

The University's Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström has decided to insitute an Open Access Fund. The purpose of the fund is to compensate for publishing costs for university researchers who will publish in pure open access journals.

During the past several years the scholarly community has worked to change the current scholarly publishing system. To increase access to research publications the drive is to move from a subscription based journal system to open access publishing. This process has been slow, and so the scholarly publishers have been successful in charging the universities twice: through journal subscription fees, and then through open access publishing fees (article processing charges, APC). This has resulted in double costs for universities, who have to pay for the cost of both reading and publishing in journals.

The negotiations between BIBSAM and Elsevier were interrupted during the spring of 2018. As a result, Swedish universities have not had access to any research articles published in Elsevier journals since July 1st 2018. This is when the license agreement was cancelled. However, research published prior to July 1st is still accessible.

200 000 to an Open Access-fund at the university

The University had 200 000 SEK reserved in its media budget to pay for Elsevier subscriptions. Since the license agreement was cancelled the Vice-Chancellor has decided that these funds are to be used to compensate for publishing charges. This applies to research articles in pure open access journals, and the is done in order to stimulate and drive the change toward open science.

The University's Open Access Fund means that University researchers have the opportunity to apply for financial support to publish in pure open access journals. The funds are distributed according to first come first served basis, but to be eligible some criteria must be met.  

Text: Pieta Eklund
Photo: Alexandre Godreau