Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office – a new department

The new department consists of 14 employees who work within facilities management, as service technicians, at the reception desk, with chemicals management, and in support of sustainable development. Campus service and sustainability activities have previously been part of the departments of the Finance Office as well as Campus and IT Services.

"Gathering together support for facilities management and sustainable development in its own department provides opportunities for more active fulfilment of the university's needs as well as giving these areas greater visibility both internally and externally, "explains Karin Cardell, Head of Professional Services.

"Our existing facilities costs are more than 100 million kronor per year and we predict that the campus will continue to expand. Already, the university is highly ranked for its sustainability work, and the university's leadership wants the work to continue to be a high priority."

Director of Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office

In connection with the establishment of the new department, a Director of Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office, Charlott Sundeen, joins the university. She was previously employed by the Facilities Management Department at the Swedish Public Employment Service where she worked for eight years.

"In my new work here at university, I think I will benefit greatly from my managerial experience at a major governmental authority. I will also bring with me long and broad experience within facilities management. During the autumn, most of my focus will be on getting to know the university and my employees. The goal is that we, together as a new department, will develop the university in the best possible way," she says.

Within the Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office, issues such as contact with landlords, renovations, facilities adaptations, furnishing, relocations, security issues, facilities management, AV technology, freight delivery, waste issues, reception, telephone switchboard, etc. are handled.

Text and portrait photo: Solveig Klug
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translation: Eva Medin