Primula will be down temporarily

Primula is the university's payroll and personnel administration system and includes technical/administrative staff time reporting.

Only the login webpage itself and the login page link will be changed with the relocation of the web service; nothing else in the system will be affected.

Change: New webpage address for Primula

The new webpage address will be The old address will also remain in place.

Change: Federated identity login

A so-called federated identity login will be introduced to increase system security against intrusion.

You will log in to Primula with the same username and password as before (the login page itself will look different).

Federated identity login will mean that you will also automatically be logged in to the university's other systems that have federated identity login. Examples of systems that have this are Box, Egencia, and Sunet Survey. It is therefore important that you log out and close your browser when you are done using the system, especially if you are using a public computer.

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Anna Sigge