Internationalisation efforts clarified in new policy

Kim Bolton, Pro Vice-Chancellor and the person responsible for the university's internationalisation work, says more:

What does the new policy mean for the university?

"The university's policy for internationalisation, which was adopted by the board in 2011, was in need of an update to better harmonise with international frameworks, such as Agenda 2030 and the global goals for sustainable development, as well as the university's own goals and strategies. This means that the new policy supports the university's long-term goals and strategies, including our work on sustainable development."

"In addition to the mentioned changes, the new policy has four focus areas: education, research, collaboration and campus. It thus promotes clarity regarding how internationalisation should be integrated into and permeate all these areas."

What is the next step in internationalisation work?

"At present, each Faculty has its own goals for internationalisation. Based on the new policy, university-wide goals will be formulated. This is a new way of working that means that we will set concrete goals at a university-wide level. There will thus be a greater coordination of the university's work in regards to internationalisation."

"With the support of the university's International Office, we will develop a timetable and process for the work of formulating the goals; for example, if we are to appoint a work group and if so, which competences should be included. The hope is to be able to present the university-wide goals during the autumn of 2019."

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The new internationalisation policy is available via the Archive (Reg. 738-18) in Swedish and English.

Text: Solveig Klug
Photo: Anna Sigge
Translation: Eva Medin