Networks strengthens smart textiles research

Textiles are used in all sports, both in clothing and accessories. In working group five, they work with materials that can convey electronic functions and which add something extra to ordinary textiles. In the group, they work with challenges such as costs, functions, and comfort.

"The network contributes to new partnerships and, for example, it has led to joint applications for the financing of projects. For my part, I hope that this will contribute to bringing new research to Borås,” says Vincent Nierstrasz, Professor of Textile Technology.

The second researcher from the Swedish School of Textiles in the network is Lena-Marie Jensen at Smart Textiles.

The network includes 34 countries with the aim of creating a network of European researchers and stakeholders to develop common ideas and initiatives that can then be developed into products in smart textiles.

How smart textiles are defined

A smart textile, according to the network and the working group, is a functional textile that interacts with its surroundings; for example, it responds, adapts or changes in relation to the surroundings.

Smart textile applications are available in all sectors, but mainly in health care and medicine, automotive and aerospace technology, equipment for personal protection, sports and garments, and in buildings and interior design.

At the University of Borås, there is a lot of research on smart textiles; the project Smart Textiles is also underway here.

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Vincent Nierstrasz

Lena-Marie Jensen

Text: Anna Kjellsson
Picture: Anna Sigge
Translation: Eva Medin