Now laughter is to end at the university

"It is important to keep in mind that you work at a governmental authority and act in a manner that is suitable for a civil servant," explains Åsa Dryselius, Legal Expert at the University of Borås. She explains that she often needs to point out to her colleagues that they should not laugh at work.

The new policy will make it easier for those who feel that their colleagues have too much fun at work. The basis for the policy lies in the pilot study Lirpa, which was conducted in 2018. The policy has subsequently been developed and formally established.

The Student Union chairperson Ellen Högberg explains what the policy will mean for the university's students.

"The policy positively affects both students and educational programmes. Teachers and other employees must show that they take their work seriously. It is also important to keep a distance between teachers and students. The university is not to be a playground. At the Student Union, we support all initiatives that enable students to successfully complete their studies."

The policy also affects other parts of the university, including the Communications Office.

"Because of this new policy, we have decided that we will not carry out our planned April Fool's prank," explains Annie Andréasson, Director of Communications.

Read the policy in its entirety.

Text: Jonas Sehlin
Photo: Ida Danell
Translation: Eva Medin