Have your say on Horizon Europe

Within the EU, work is now underway on the forthcoming framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, 2021-2027. The proposal for the EU's long-term budget after 2020 proposes that the majority of the EU budget for innovation and research, almost 100 billion euros, be managed by the Horizon Europe framework programme. One step on the way to a finalised programme is various so-called open consultations in which everyone from private individuals to individual researchers to organisations have the opportunity to voice their views.

Right now, there are two such open consultations to respond to.

Ellen Rydberg, Director of Grants and Innovation Office (GIO), encourages researchers at the university to read through and respond to the questionnaires.

"Those researchers who read through or respond gain an understanding of the issues that the EU will include in the next framework programme, which is good preparation. By participating in the open consultation, the university will have better chances when it comes to obtaining EU funding," says Ellen Rydberg.

She believes that the University of Borås's research areas are exactly what the EU seeking, and by responding to the survey, we can show that we want to be a discussion partner for the European Commission, when preparing for the new frame work programme.

In its work on the programme, the EU wants to obtain views on, among other things, what research and innovation should be prioritised, especially within Horizon Europe's second pillar "Global challenges and industrial competitiveness." The clusters contained in the pillars are:

  • Health
  • Inclusive and secure societies
  • Digital and industry
  • Climate, energy and mobility
  • Food and natural resources

Deadline 8 and 15 September respectively

Until 8 and 15 September, respectively, the general public, individual researchers, and organisations have the opportunity to comment on the programme in two separate consultations. The views are then to be included in the work on the framework programme's strategic plan, which influences how announcements for funding opportunities for research and innovation are formed. Comments are to be provided via questionnaire; see more information below.

In addition to the views of individual employees, the university as an organisation will also provide responses regarding the framework programme. GIO has been assigned the task of coordinating and preparing the university's joint response to the EU.

"Among all the major players in Europe, one can easily believe that the opinion of a smaller university does not play such a big role, but the European Commission is interested in having more 'new or young players' take part in the framework programme and they want the views of as many as possible. From a national perspective, it is also important that we convey our opinion, so that the Swedish representation in the EU knows where we stand on different issues--then it is easier for them to then know which issues we should prioritise nationally."

Open consultation on Horizon Europe

1. Consultation focussing on the content and objectives of the framework programme
(opened 28 June, deadline 8 September)

Focusses on what challenges are most important to the EU and how EU-funded research will address these challenges in the future.

Link to the survey (external webpage). 

For support when responding to this questionnaire, you should read the EU's "Orientation paper content & objectives." (pdf)

2. Consultation focussing on the implementation of the framework programme
(opened 31 July, deadline 15 September)

Focusses on how the programme is to be implemented in practice and the simplification of EU regulations. An important aspect is the long-term perspective, the balance between research, innovation and collaboration, and how synergies between different EU-funded programmes can be facilitated.

For support when responding to this questionnaire, you should read the EU's "Orientation paper implementation." (pdf)

Would you like advice and guidance regarding the survey and about Horizon Europe? Please contact Ulrika Nilsson, Project Advisor at GIO, email: ulrika.nilsson@hb.se

Text: Lina Färm
Photo: Mostphotos
Translator: Eva Medin