Changes to the Staff Information Pages

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Above this news article there is a film that gives a tour of the changes that will be made on the staff information pages in early 2020.

Many of our visitors have found it difficult to find things on the staff information pages.  The different sections are too similar and some have found it tricky to find the information needed.  These problems have been apparent for some time and it is now time to make changes to the staff information pages.

"Our ambition is to put a clearer focus on the content and to make it easier for you as a member of staff to find what you need within the website structure," says Ida Danell, Web Specialist and Systems Manager.

The change is not part of the ongoing upgrading project of EPiServer as it was first planned. However, it is not possible to wait any longer, so the changes to the staff information pages will now implemented without any additional costs.  These changes are scheduled for early 2020.

"We have listened to and reflected over the requests that have been made to clarify and simplify the different sections. As a result, the start page and sections’ landing pages will be refined within the website structure and there will be fewer images that can be distracting.  Instead, the focus is on guiding website users to the content.”

"It is difficult to find an approach that makes everyone happy, but our ambition is that the changes are experienced as an improvement so that most of us will find it easier to find things within the website structure," clarifies Ida Danell.


Start page

On the start page for the staff information pages, "Quick Links" has replaced "Common Tools." Here you can find links to pages that do not have a natural place within the website structure, such as News and Events, but also to the tools that are used most frequently on today’s staff information pages.

The Calendar has been moved higher up so that website users can quickly get a sense of what university events of interest to staff are planned and ongoing.


The links to the various Faculties and Department pages for employees have been moved to the footer where they will be available on all staff information pages.  The footer has also been supplemented with a selection of important email addresses. The shortcuts that comprise links for different functions (administrator, director, teacher, among others) remain on the footer. The footer also has a number of links that are the same on the staff information pages, the student information pages, and the external university website, and which cannot be changed at present.


The five sections available on today's staff information pages have been reworked and refined into three new sections. The three new sections are "My employment," "For my work," and "Organisation and governance.”

On the three sections’ landing pages, there is a list reflecting the underlying structure for each section along with the five most visited pages for each menu selection. Menu selections have been listed based on how often they are visited. This information was collected by Google Analytics and is based on traffic for the past year.

Under "My employment," you will find information about work environment, employment conditions and conditions, and work travel.

Under "For my work," there is content that you may need in your daily work such as the Forms Archive, information about various support functions, and the Doctoral Student Handbook.

Under "Organisation and governance," there is information about working for a governmental authority as well as the various strategic initiatives at the university.

The University Library will now be found under "Quick Links" on the staff information start page.

These are not included


The search function on the university's website is not good enough. It is also difficult to maintain and it stops working at regular intervals. There is thus a great need for a better search function. This is therefore an important part of the CMS upgrade/replacement project from EPiServer 6 to EPiServer 11, which is expected to be completed by the summer of 2020.


Many at the university have requested an intranet. This is not a part of the current changes, nor is it part of the upgrade project.

I have comments!

If you have specific comments on the redesigned staff information pages, please contact the Web Team. This is most easily done by emailing

If you or your department have requests for links other than the five most visited that appear under each menu selection on the landing pages, some adjustments can be made from that setup (i.e. the five most visited). In this case, content managers may make requests for a different selection (max five links) and justify why these are desired above those that were proposed.

More information

Learn more about the work with the website and about the EPiServer upgrade. (Swedish only)

Translation: Eva Medin