Important reading for anyone interested in textile biotech

What can you tell us about this work?
For those interested in biotech and enzymes, this is as comprehensive a text as you can get on textile biotechnology. Compared to previous editions, this one has a focus on biosynthesis and bioprocessing. And with all the changes in this version, it amounts to an inventory of the very latest in textile biotechnology.

What's new?
The first edition was written in 2009 but a lot has happened since then. It's more of a continuation than an update. Todays challenges and research agenda are completely different. Our final chapter touches on, among other things, ink jetting and how it can be a way to tackle the world’s water shortage.

Who's it for?
It is important reading for manufacturers, designers, and engineers in the textile industry; textile and fibre researchers; and academic researchers and graduate students working in textile technology. In short: anyone interested in how biotechnology can be and is a part of textile research and industry.

Could you say you've written “the book” on textile biotechnology?
No, I wouldn´t say that! We’ve edited, updated and rewritten a completely new book on the state of art in textile biotechnology.

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Advances in Textile Biotecknology 2nd edition

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