New agreement with Elsevier in place

According to this agreement, the University of Borås receive reading access to all of the over 2 000 Elsevier journals, and can also publish articles open access without paying any additional cost in most of Elsevier's publications.

The university has similar deals with Wiley, SpringerNature and Taylor & Francis. The Elsevier deal for publication comes into effect on January 1st 2020, but it's already possible to read articles in all of Elsevier's journals - including those that have been locked for access.

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"Published research without pay walls – new contract from 2020"

"New trans­for­ma­ti­ve agre­e­ment with Else­vi­er enables unli­mi­ted open access to Swedish rese­arch" – read the press release from the National Library of Sweden. (external link)

Text: Signe Wulund
Photo: Maya Karmon