New expert at the World Bank

What is involved in the work as an expert for World Bank?

"The World Bank provides financing and services to low and middle-income countries. A World Bank project consists of six stages: Identification, Preparation, Appraisal, Negotiation/Approval, Implementation/Support, Completion/Evaluation. As an expert, I was involved in the completion/evaluation phase. The quality of the project performed is assessed, and thereby the World Bank has a tool to monitor if the money has been spent appropriately."

What knowledge do you bring to the organisation?

"For the evaluation of certain projects, the World Bank needed expertise in Textile Biotechnology. I have a long track record in that domain."

How did you react when they contacted you?

"Of course, I felt pleased. It is a recognition of my expertise in the domain of textile biotechnology."

Text: Lina Färm
Photo: Suss Wilén/Anna Sigge