Engagement in the budget issue

"It's amazing how the organisation has come together to find solutions and I am not worried," says Mats Tinnsten, Vice-Chancellor.

In 2018, the University of Borås had a deficit because we did not reach the funding cap. Since the annual report was finalised in February, all departments at the university have been tasked with finding solutions.

"Measures to balance the budget in the long term will be presented at upcoming board meetings and we will continuously update and work with our budget forecast," he says.

The university is not expected to reach the funding cap in 2019, but with the proposals that have come in, management believes that there will be a break in the trend during the year.

"We are experiencing a temporary dip, but with the constructive suggestions that have been proposed, I feel proud of the organisation and do not see any reason for concern," clarifies Mats Tinnsten.

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Text: Anna Kjellsson
Photo: Anna Sigge