Evaluation of the quality system for education completed

The three possible gradings are: approved, approved with reservations, and questioned.

"That we received approved with reservation means that there are some points within two areas that we need to remedy within two years," explains Anders Nylund, Quality Coordinator at the University of Borås.

This is the first time that the UKÄ has undertaken this type of review and the university is one of four universities evaluated. The others are: Malmö University, Mälardalen University, and Jönköping University.

The report is divided into six assessment areas. The university has been fully approved in the following areas: Preconditions, Gender Equality, Working Life and Collaboration, and Student and Doctoral Student Perspectives.

In the following areas, there are points that need improvement: Governance and Organisation as well as Design, Implementation and Results. The University of Borås now has two years to implement improvements in order to be fully approved.

"It feels good that we now have an evaluated quality system for our educational programmes in place. The result is an acknowledgment that we have high quality in our education. We will now carefully read the report and use it as the basis for our future work to strengthen the areas that led to reservations,” says Mats Tinnsten, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Borås.

More information

Review the entire report in the university's archives.

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Text: Anna Kjellsson
Photo: Anna Sigge
Translation: Eva Medin